Seth MacFarlane’s Holiday Party

Over the past few decades, Seth MacFarlane has established himself not only as a creative writer and actor, but also an exceptionally gifted musician. His love for jazz and big band music can be seen throughout all of his TV shows, but it is perhaps most evident in his annual holiday party, an event which Mark has been involved in for years as orchestra leader and conductor.

With a seventy-piece orchestra, it is a sprawling series of performances in a single night, comprising four performance sets over many hours.

Mark plays a critical role as a curator and conductor for the event, making decisions about the range of music, seeking out musicians who are a good fit for the different styles, and rehearsing the material in the time leading up to the event itself.

The sheer scale of the event means that it could go off the rails in lesser hands, but with Mark’s experience and Seth’s vision, that potential for error creates a dynamic energy that carries throughout the event.

It’s a creative challenge, but one that is ultimately fulfilling.

As Mark puts it, “It’s like doing three or four concerts in one evening, but we like doing it, it’s a lot of fun, there’s always a curveball, and it’s a most enjoyable project to be involved with.”