“I like the idea of new challenges”

Peter Cobbin and Kirsty Whalley,
producers at Such Sweet Thunder
Mark is musically agile and adept at understanding the complexities of music workflows. He anticipates, is quick and insightful with problem solving, and is inventive to help find solutions. He is incredibly work savvy and brings excellent music judgment, efficiency, and taste to everything we do.

“Working with Mark Graham for the past 30 years has been a true gift. His expertise and talent is ever present as a giant asset at our scoring sessions and also behind the scenes.”

Carol Farhat, Fox TV

Where it started

Long before music ever became a professional possibility for Mark Graham, it was resting in the back of his mind. He had an early connection to film through his grandmother, an opera singer and pianist who would improvise the musical accompaniment for silent films at her local cinema.

Something about it clicked with Mark, and he began to perform music without any real plan—it was all about the experience and sharing it with others. There was an immediacy to the process of collaboration, and it kept him coming back for more, despite initial resistance from his family due to concerns about whether he could make a living.

How it Progressed

Mark’s interest slowly developed into a vision when he realized he was fascinated by writing arrangements. He began to look for film scores, ask questions about how they were written and formatted, and develop a musical versatility that made him into the collaborator he is today.

“It’s always a thrill to get started on something new and find your way through obstacles in order to make something great.”

Mark Graham


It turns out that the collaborative spirit is infectious, and it has brought Mark to hundreds of musical projects, ranging from tentpole blockbusters to indie films to Seth Macfarlane’s annual Christmas concerts.

Beyond Mark’s technical prowess, it’s the relationship that keeps collaborators coming back. As composer Joel P West puts it, Every time I work with Mark he’s a little more tuned into my creative voice and tendencies, and is always looking for ways to upgrade my ideas or fill in gaps when I’m not as confident or capable.

Looking forward

As Mark considers the future, he hopes to work with equally collaborative creatives, even if those projects seem a bit non-traditional. Ultimately, it’s all about continued growth: “I’d like to use my skills and experience in a collaborative way of creating music, and I’m also interested in learning from others about their own musical or creative journeys.”