Only Murders in the Building

The acclaimed Only Murders in the Building quickly caught the attention of both critics and fans with its quirky, playful tone, tightly written scripts, and effervescent chemistry between the leads. The same sensibilities are seen all throughout composer Siddhartha Khosla’s memorable score.

Khosla envisioned the show having an orchestral soundtrack, but the limitations of a television budget meant that it needed a resourceful approach. Rather than viewing that limitation as a hindrance, Mark stepped in to help Khosla turn it into a creative opportunity.

Mark explains, “If you use the small resources, and you’re smart about it, and you have the right people to play—which is a key component—you can get a lot of very good results with a small group.”

While recording for the first season, Khosla and Mark used the music as a way to pepper easter eggs and clues throughout the show, which was an achievement with the orchestra size.

With Khosla’s mock-ups, Mark began to orchestrate the music so it could have a full-bodied sound with the fifteen to twenty players available.

Viewers of Only Murders already know that the results are a resounding success, as the show’s music continues to move in exciting new directions with each subsequent season.